wire nail making machine
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Wire Nail Making Machine

We are the manufacturer and supplier of best quality automatic nail making machine and wire nails polishing machine in India. 2HP Wire nail machine has a new feeding system ( gear feed ) which permits the usage of large wire packets and helps maintaining close tolerance.

A nail making machine is used to make good quality nail from steel wire. It cuts the steel wire into nails and make nail head.

Nail polishing machine is used to polish the wire nail because it is not so smooth and bright at the initial stage. Wire nail polishing drum is used for polishing of wire nails.In general it needs 2-3 hours polishing for good selling appearance.

Wire nail cutter grinder machine is used as a cutter tool in the nail making machine. A special type of jigs and fixtures are provided in automatic nail cutting grinder so that even a semi-skilled worker can re-sharpen the cutting tools easily after a short period of training.

Our nail manufacturing machine is widely known for their resistant to corrosion and hassle free performance.

This machine produce nails from aluminum, brass and other metal wires. This machine can produce a diverse range of nails similar as round head nails, pop nails, flathead nails, counter shank head nails, and lost head nails.

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Wire Nail Making Machine

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1 Piece

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Body Material Iron

For Making Wire Nail

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