khoya making machine
khoya making machine
khoya making machine

Khoya Making Machine

ASVR Engineering is the manufacturer and supplier of best quality automatic khoya making machine in Delhi,India. These machines are also called Mawa manufacturing machines.

Khoya is a crucial ingredient used in Indian sweets adds richness and flavor to various desserts. It become an essential component in the confectionery industry.

Our multipurpose automatic khoya making machine is used to prepare fresh and healthy Khoya without compromising its quality.

Mawa making machines have revolutionized the process, making it faster, more efficient, and consistent. These machines are designed with advanced technology, automate and streamline the khoya making process. These machines saves time and effort while ensuring a high-quality end product.

There are machines available that are suitable for small-scale operations, allowing businesses of any size to automate their khoya production process.

Our machine and vessels are made of stainless steel material. You can reduce labor costs and increase your output with improved efficiency and production capacity, . Additionally, the consistency and quality of the khoya produced by the machine can enhance customer satisfaction and potentially lead to increased sales.

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Product Specification

Product Generic Name

Automatic Khoya Making Machine

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece

Brand Name


Body Material Stainless Steel

For Making Khoya / Mawa

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