camphor tablet making machine
camphor tablet making machine
camphor tablet making machine

Camphor Tablet Making Machine

ASVR Engineering is the leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic camphor tablets making machine in the market of Delhi, India. Camphor tablet making machines are specialized equipment used to produce camphor tablets in various shapes and sizes.

Camphor Tablets are used in the therapeutic, religious work and worship of god in temples and homes from centuries. So the demand of camphor tablets are increasing due to their versatility and therapeutic properties day by day across all over world. The manual production method may not be able to keep up the speed and supply of Kapoor tablets. Therefore Kapoor tablets making machine has been manufactured only to increase production.

Kapoor tablets are small, white, solid blocks made from the aromatic compound called camphor.These tablets are used to purify the surroundings and create a soothing ambiance. It is believed that the aromatic properties of camphor ward off negative energies and bring positive vibes.

These machines plays a crucial role to automate the entire process from raw material preparation to tablet formation and drying and make it more efficient. It saves time, increased productivity, ensuring consistent quality and effort for manufacturers.

The machines are made up of high-quality materials and available in various specifications as per the needs of the clients.These have a compact design and is easy to operate and maintain.

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Camphoor Tablet Making Machine

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Body Material Iron

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