detergent powder mixture machine
detergent powder cage mill machine
 horizontal band sealing machine

Detergent Powder Making Machine

We are the manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of detergent making machines with best quality in India. These are widely used in the soap industry. All our machines are extremely durable and robust in construction.

These detergent making machines are used for preparing "free flowing detergent powder for laundry. Detergent mixing machine is used to mix the various ingredients used for making detergents. The ingredients include slurry, color, fragrance, and more.

detergent powder cage mill machine is used to filter the detergent powder and provides premium quality of detergent powder.

Our machines manufacture detergent powder in desired sizes and quantities. The detergent powder prepared using these machines are of superior quality.

To Setup a Detergent Powder Making Business these machines are compulsory.

  • (1). Detergent Powder Mixer Machine
  • (2). Detergent Powder Cage Mill Machine
  • (3). Horizontal Wrap Packing Machine ( Band Sealing Machine )

detergent powder making machine is called surf making machine or washing powder making machine also.

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Detergent Powder Making Machine

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1 Piece

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Body Material Iron

For Making Surf and Detergent

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