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Golgappa Making Machine

We are the manufacturer and supplier of best quality automatic golgappa making machine in delhi. Fulki making machine is an ultimate solution for making fulki in large amounts. The puchka making machine is designed to cater to commercial scale production of fulki while maintaining optimum hygiene and original taste.

A golgappa making machine is also known as a pani puri making machine or puchka making machine. It is a specialized piece of equipment used in the preparation of a popular Indian street food known by various names in different regions of the country.

Golgappa making machines are designed to automate the production of the hollow dough balls that form the base of this beloved street food. These machines are commonly used by street vendors, restaurants, and food processing units to increase production efficiency and consistency.

It seems that the demand of panipuri making machines will continues to grow in world . So that delicious and hygienic golgappas to food enthusiasts worldwide.


  • Ensures consistent quality
  • Fast production of golgappas
  • Ensures hygiene and food safety
  • Reduces labor cost

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Golgappa Making Machine

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1 Piece

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Body Material Iron

For Making Golgappa

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