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Kurkure Making Machine

Kurkure snacks have gained immense popularity around the world for their unique crunch and delicious flavors. People worldwide love these kurkure snacks.

ASVR Engineering is the best manufacturer and supplier of the automatic Kurkure machine in Delhi, India. We achieve recognition as a leading company in the machine manufacturing industry.

A kurkure making machine, also known as a kurkure extruder machine or puffs extruder machine. It is a specialized equipment designed to produce Kurkure snacks.

Our mini Kurkure manufacturing machine produces a large quantity of Kurkure snacks in a shorter time frame. We understand that each snack manufacturer has unique requirements.

This kurkure extruder machine is available according to your specific requirements at competitive pricing for our clients. The puffs extruder machine or snack manufacturer machine is affordable for small scall business to a large scale business.

How kurkure machine works?

A typical kurkure machine comprises several components working together to create the perfect snacks. The Kurkure production line combines a raw material mixer, dough hopper, extruder, fryer, seasoning unit, and packaging system to create the beloved snack.

This machine automates forming, shaping, and frying the Kurkure dough, ensuring uniformity and quality in every batch.

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Product Specification

Product Generic Name

Kurkure/ Puffs Making Machine

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece

Brand Name


Body Material Iron

For Making Kurkure/ Puffs

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