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Mustard Oil Expeller Machine

To start a mustard oil business looking for mustard oil expeller machine in delhi. Then you are in the right place ! small or medium scale edible vegetable oil production is the right choice. Buy sarso oil expeller machine directly from the manufacturer rather than distributor or commercial representative is most cost-effective way.

Mustard oil is becoming more and more in demand with the time. There is excellent potential for developing a mustard oil industry due to consumption in home and pickle industries.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Mustard Oil Expeller Machines of good quality across all over India. These machines are manufactured with industrial high quality components and fit to all industrial standards and specifications. These sarso oil expeller machines are available in different sizes and capacities.

The oil expeller machine is used for extracting pure and chemical-free oil from mustard seeds or any other oil seeds like Sesame, Almond, Sunflower, Groundnuts, Corn etc.

How Oil Expeller Machine Work

An electric motor rotates a sizable pestle and mortar in Ghani. The seed is slowly fed into the mortar. The pestle pressure breaks the cells and oil is released.

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Oil Expeller Machine

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Body Material Iron

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