detergent cake mixer machine
 detergent cake plodder machine
soap cutting machine
horizontal band sealing machine

Detergent Cake Making Machine

We are the manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of detergent cake making machines with best quality in India.

detergent cake mixer machine is used in detergent cake industries for preparing detergent cake material.

The plodder machine is used for giving the final shape in bar form soap mass which is come out from the cake mixture machine. It is used to make dishwash bars, detergent cakes, toilet soap, other soap items of all sizes.

Rotary cutter machine is used to cut soap bar coming out from the plodder into predetermined length so that it can be prepared for size cutting and stamping.

These soap making machines are made as per industry standards and norms. Our experts manufacture detergent cake machine in different specifications and capacities to suit the varied requirements of clients.

To Setup a Detergent Cake ( Soap ) Making Plant these machines are compulsory.

  • (1). Detergent Cake Mixer Machine
  • (2). Detergent Cake Plodder Machine
  • (3). Soap Cutting Machine
  • (4). Horizontal Wrap Packing Machine

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Detergent Cake Making Machine

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Body Material Iron

For Making Detergent Bar Soap

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